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Chiefland Astronomers CAV (Formally Billy Dodd Memorial Observers Field) 2011-04-28(22.44)A Bootes (Minolta 50mm f2.8 @ f4 Iso=200 Filt=Didymium A850)(t=15mins).jpg

Constellation Bootes

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Messier 44 drizzle_integration_DBE_X2-Adj_3_Titled_DBE (8.1MB).jpg

Open Cluster Messier 44 Praesepe in Cancer

drizzle_integration-Adj-2-(8.0MB) Orion.jpg

Orion’s Belt

(Spot the Galaxy)

Constellation Orion.jpg

Constellation Orion

Messier 55

Globular Cluster

Messier 55 Globular Cluster.jpg

Messier 41

Messier 41.jpg