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Chiefland Astronomers CAV (Formally Billy Dodd Memorial Observers Field) Messier 31 Viewing (8.33MB-4K).jpg

Great Andromeda Galaxy, Messier 31

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Virgo Cluster integration_Crop__DBE-Final Titled-(8.3MB) Makarians.jpg

Makarian’s Chain of Galaxies Virgo Cluster

Messier 81 Galaxy in

 Ursa Major

Messier81 drizzle_integration_DBE 2-Adj-2-Titled (8.3MB).jpg Trio in Leo drizzle_integration_DBE-Adj-2-Final-Titled(8.2MB).jpg

Trio of Galaxies in Leo, including Messier 65 & 66

Silver Dollar Galaxy NGC253 Sculptor

Silver Dollar Galaxy NGC253 Sculptor.jpg

Maffie Group Galaxy


Maffie Group Galaxy IC-342.jpg

Messier 33 Galaxy Triangulum

Messier 33 Galaxy Triangulum .jpg Messier 51.jpg

Messier 51

C17_C18_Original_integration_Adj_3_DBE Final Titled.jpg

C17 and C18