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Chiefland Astronomers CAV (Formally Billy Dodd Memorial Observers Field)

Pelican IC5070, Cygnus

Messier 45 Pleiades, Taurus

Rosette (Updated April 2019)

Witch Head IC2118, Eridanus

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integration_Adj_4_DBE Titled.jpg M45 integration (Adj-4) Text.jpg Rosette -.jpg Witch_3_Titled Final DBE.jpg Rosette HA 5nm - D2 Titled.jpg

Rosette in Ha Mono 5nm NGC2237 in Monoceros


California Nebula NGC2499 Perseus

Corrected integration_Adj_2__DBE (8.7MB) Buble Nebula & Messier 52 Cassiopeia.jpg

Bubble Nebula & Messier 52 Cassiopeia

Flaming Star Neb-Titled & Arrowed (8.5Mb).jpg

Tadpole Neb IC410 &

 Flaming Star Neb IC405 Auriga

integration_4_Adj_DBE_Final-Titled (8.2MB) Jellyfish.jpg

Jellyfish Nebula IC443 Gemini

integration2_Adj5_DBE-Titled Western Veil.jpg

Western Veil Nebula NGC6992 Cygnus

M42 (29-Mar-2013 20.54 Local 15x2minL-3x2minD f4 600mm ISO100 (4.6MB) Great Orion.jpg

Great Orion Nebula

Messier 42

Messier 8 (23-Sept-13 20.58 Local) t=8min f5.6 ISO400 fl=600mm (F)Titled Lagoon.jpg

Lagoon Nebula Messier 8 Sagittarius

Messier 20_DSC1938 Titled Trifid.jpg

Trifid Nebula Messier 20 Sagittarius

NGC7000 (27-Sept-13  23.03 Local) t=6min f5.6 ISO800 fl=600mm(F)2.7MB Niorth American.jpg

North American Nebula NGC 7000 in Cygnus

Packman Neb - Viewing (8.29MB-4K).jpg

Packman Nebula NGC281 in Cassiopeia

Seagull Nebula.jpg

Seagull Nebula

Cone Nebula NGC-2264.jpg

Cone Nebula NGC-2264

Flying Horse Nebula Sh2-142.jpg

Flying Horse Nebula




VdB 49 .jpg

49 Vdb

VdB 76.jpg

 76 Vdb

VdB 81.jpg

 81 Vdb